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27 May 2008 @ 07:41 pm
I was bored, and I decided that I have to make my scans organised.. Here's a list of scans I have done! Actually there's only Arashi, NEWS and K8 [Yep, there's other johnny's groups too, but I don't scan them regularly..]

Those posted at je_cookiedaysx are locked! So please join to gain access to the scans!

Oh, I know most of the downloads does not have MU links, I would get them up soon, but if you would want MU link for a specific zip file, please comment here! I will fulfil the MU links request as I get along...

Click on the groups to begin.
Group NameLink

Other scans


Ikuta Toma
Only Star 2010.08.30
Only Star 2010.09.06
Best Stage 2011.02 [With Shonentai's Higashi]

J.J Express
Wink Up 2007 Feb

Wink Up 2007 Feb [NEWS+K8 Radio Talk Pages]
Best Stage Nov 2009 [Dreamboys]
Kindai 2007 July [Tegoshi Yuya, Tegomasu, Ya-ya-Yah]
TV Pia 2010.03.20-2010.04.04 [Yamanade casts]
TV Life 2010.08.21-2010.09.03, TV Pia 2010.06.19-2010.07.04, TV Pia 2010.07.03-2010.07.18, TV Pia 2010.07.17-2010.08.01, Weekly the Television 2010.06.05-2010.06.11 [Unubore Casts]

Best Stage 2009.11 [Morita+Sakamoto]
Best Stage 2011.02 [Sakamoto]

Tackey and Tsubasa
Popolo March 2010

TV Life 2010.08.21-2010.09.03, TV Pia 2010.08.14-2010.08.29
Various Shop pictures

Monthly the Television, TV Navi 2010 June

Yusuke, Osamu, Tumbling, Nodame Cantabille from various TV mags between March-May
Sunao ni Narenakute + Nodame Cantabile from various TV mags in April
Sunao ni Narenakute from various TV Mags in May-June
Mukai Osamu: Only Star 2010.08.30
Oguri Shun in Best Stage 2011.02
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