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Kaibutsu-kun movie sticker *2 available* - 5SGD
LOVE con 2013 file (Group) - 10SGD
LOVE con 2013 file (Ohno) - 10SGD
LOVE con 2013 foam stickers - 8SGD
Waku Waku 2011 Sticker - 3SGD
Waku waku 2012 Clear file (Ohno) - 10SGD
Waku waku 2013 Bookmark Set - 16SGD
Waku waku 2013 Clear file (Ohno) - 10SGD
Waku Waku 2013 Tote bag - 30SGD
5x10 Anniversary Tour Notebook - 10SGD
5x10 Anniversary Clear File (Ohno) - 15SGD
Waku waku 2014 post-its - 10SGD
Waku waku 2014 Clear file (Group) - 10SGD
Waku waku 2014 Clear file (Ohno) *2 available* - 10SGD
Waku waku 2015 6 color pen - 13SGD
Waku Waku 2015 Tote bag - 30SGD
Clippings - 0.50SGD-1SGD per set unless stated
Official Shop photos - 0.50SGD each TEMPORARY SOLD OUT

HELLO! Greeting Party in JAPAN 2013 Stationery Set - 28SGD
Overdose CHEN Kim Jong Dae Official Clearfile - 10SGD
EXODUS Poster [Baekhyun] - 5SGD
EXO-L Japan Fanclub Limited Mini Towel - 12SGD
EXO SMTown Official EXOluxion Button Magnets - 10SGD
EXO-L Japan Fanclub Booklet Vol.2 - 40SGD
EXO-L JAPAN Fanclub Limited Lightstick *2 available* - 15SGD

7-11 2014 Lottery Good: GREEN Kirakira Pouch (OKURA TADAYOSHI) - 8SGD
7-11 2014 Tapes (2 designs in each capsule) *B & D SOLD*- 4SGD for each capsule
7-11 2014 Group File *2 available* - 8SGD
7-11 2012 Group File - 8SGD
7-11 2014 Group Uchiwa - 5SGD
EIGHTxEIGHTER pamphlet - 25SGD
Live Tour 2006 Clear file (Okura) - 8SGD
EH? HONMA? BIKKURI! Live Tour 2007 Clear file (Okura) - 8SGD
Natsu da! Tour da!! Wahaha!!! Live Tour 2008 Clear file (Okura) - 25SGD
8UPPERS Tour file (Group) - 35SGD
EIGHTxEIGHTER file (Group) - 8SGD
EIGHTxEIGHTER file (Okura) - 8SGD
EIGHTxEIGHTER file (Yoko) - 8SGD
Jukebox tour file (Okura) *2 available* - 8SGD
Jukebox tour file (Group) *2 available* - 8SGD
Kyu Jo Show! LE B [opened] - 8SGD SOLD
Life~Me no mae no mukou e LE B [NEW] - 15SGD SOLD
My Home single RE first press [NEW] - 15SGD SOLD
365 nichi kazoku RE first press [NEW] - 15SGD SOLD
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LIVE TOUR 2012 Concert Pamphlet - 25SGD SOLD
LIVE TOUR 2013 Concert Pamphlet - 25SGD SOLD
Hai Iro No Kanaria Notepad w Envelope (Massu’s butai good) - 18SGD
Hai Iro No Kanaria pamphlet (Massu’s butai good) - 30SGD
Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka sticker+postcard set (Massu’s butai good) - 10SGD
Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka pamphlet (Massu’s butai good) - 45SGD
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Tegomasu no Uta Concert Pamphlet - 25SGD SOLD
Tegomasu no Ai Concert Pamphlet - 25SGD SOLD
Tegomasu no Mahou Concert Pamphlet - 25SGD SOLD
Miso Soup single LE [NEW] - 15SGD
Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ single RE [opened] - 5SGD
Tegomasu no Uta album [opened] - 10SGD
Neko Chuudoku [opened] - 5SGD
Tanabata Matsuri single LE [opened] - 8SGD
Ai Ai Gasa single LE [NEW] - 10SGD
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Hai Iro No Kanari Postcard set (MABO’s butai good) - 8SGD


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Nodame Cantabille Movie Collectible [Phone strap with bell] - 5SGD
Nodame Cantabille Movie Collectible [Phone strap] *2 available*- 5SGD
Ouran High School Host Club Drama File (Hello Kitty ver.) - 5SGD
Oguri Shun’s HIGH Photobook - 10SGD
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DUET 2009.05
DUET 2010.06 *poster incl*
DUET 2010.08 *poster incl*

DUET 2011.01 --$3--
NON-NO 2012.04 (Sho, Ohno)
ONLY STAR 2012.08.20/27 --$2--
ONLY STAR 2012.01.15/21
POTATO 2009.06
POTATO 2009.09 *poster incl*

POTATO 2010.01 *poster incl*
POTATO 2010.08 *Jun poster incl*

RAY 2012.09 (Nino, Ohno)
TV LIFE 2013.05.07 (Nino, Jun, Arashi)
WINK UP 2008.12
WINK UP 2009.02
WINK UP 2009.03
WINK UP 2009.05 *The Quiz Show poster incl*
WINK UP 2010.04
WEEKLY THE TELEVSION 2010.04.17 (Kaibutsu-kun, Arashi)
WEEKLY THE TELEVISION 2010.09.03 (Ohoku, Freeter)

CUT 2013.04 --$1--
DUET 2005.10
DUET 2007.07
DUET 2007.11
DUET 2008.06
DUET 2010.05 *poster incl*
DUET 2010.08
DUET 2011.01
MYOJO 2010.04
ORICON STYLE 2006.10.02
ONLY STAR 2012.08.20/27
ONLY STAR 2012.10.19/28 (Hina, Okura, Kanjani8)
POTATO 2005.10 *poster incl
POTATO 2008.02
POTATO 2009.09
POTATO 2010.06
POPOLO 2009.04
POPOLO 2009.06
RAY 2012.09 --$2--
TV FAN 2012.10
TV GUIDE 2011.05.13 (Yoko, Hina ONLY)
TV GUIDE 2013.06.15
TV GUIDE PLUS 2012 vol.7 (Yasu ONLY)
TV LIFE 2011.06.24 (Ryo, Kanjani8)
TV LIFE 2013.05.07 (Ryo)
TV PIA 2011.11.22
TV PIA 2012.07.04 (Maru, Yasu, Kanjani8)
TV PIA 2012.07.18 (Maru, Yasu, Kanjani8)
TV PIA 2013.05.08 (Maru, Ryo, Kanjani8)
TV PIA 2014.02.26
TV PIA 2014.09.10 (Okura, Kanjani8)
WINK UP 2008.06 *card incl*
WINK UP 2010.04 *poster incl*
WINK UP 2010.08 *RYO poster incl*
WEEKLY THE TELEVISION 2011.06.17 (Subaru, Hina, Okura ONLY)

RAY 2012.09 *B1A4*
RAY 2012.09 *AAA*

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looking for company to go for Song Joong-ki's fan meet in Singapore.....


I don't know how many people knows Joong Ki here but I'm a fan of his (2 years back then stopped for a while and became a fan recently again). He's coming to Singapore on 20th May for a fan meeting and.... I realized none of my friends in Singapore likes him. AHHHH I really want to go but I don't dare to go alone! So, I'm looking for someone to go with me! If I find company by tomorrow we can apply for an autograph session (if u are willing to pay extra) so we have to be quick! if not I don't mind too! drop me a reply if you are interested!

that's all.



It's been so long since I last updated and since I last seriously checked this place out. livejournal still looks the same to me!

No worries I am still alive, I still like the same people (okay, I kind of added Shige into the list pretty recently), I still watch hongkong dramas, I still scan when I am free, just that I am much more active on weibo and tumblr and occasionally twitter instead of livejournal.

my exams are coming in about 2 weeks time.


(this is Hina by the way)

(no subject)


HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP can anyone help me buy tickets from ticket pia~ T.T

p.s: long time no see.


I SAW SMAP'S TSUYOPON AND GORO-CHAN (his back only but better than nothing) IN PERSON. FREE (exclude taxi fares+midnight surcharges) FOR 5 SECONDS AND THEY WERE LESS THAN 5 METRES AWAY!!!


*yah, totally copied yayapapayaa 's post.*

tagged yo

Tagged by feetonheat 

Thanks for tagging, it's time to update this LJ. LOL

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
Do if you want to do, don't do if you don' want to.


1. Make a list of 5 things you can reach without getting up:
(Apart from my laptop)
1. Royce's Potato chip chocolates.
2. Rubbish Bin
3. My bling bling K8 bag
4. My sister's Titus watch
5. My iphone

2. What is your favorite holiday?
Any holiday in which I can just freaking slack at home is a good holiday.

3. What is one item of clothing you wish you could always wear?
My reebok shorts. (and my vests)

4. What's your occupation?

5. What do you hear right now?
The television. A TVB drama with the name of "Happily Ever After" is playing.

6. Who was the last person you hugged?
A secondary friend of mine. Which is like months ago.

What is your ideal dinner?
Porridge + Steamed Fish + Oyster Egg Omelette + Salted Vegetable Duck Soup + some braised stuffs. Yam paste for dessert. My last meal would be that. I'm damn Teochew I know.

8. What did you do today?
Project with happydaysx  etc. Then went to ION Orchard and spent 30 bucks on chocolates, then went to meet stahsee and faith_alive  for shabu dinner. YAY~

9. What was the last text message you received?
*i went to check my phone and found a lot of messages* "Okay" was the last one I received.

10. What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Livejournal, Twitter, Hotmail, Sina, Tumblr, BBC, probably Facebook if I have the mood.

11. What is your next big planned purchase?
Some unknown trip to Japan.

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Japan is one, Florida (I need to go harry potter land), Hong Kong and some crazy place like Pluto or something.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Married Okura and probably working at Torikizoku (I see myself like this in 5 years by HALLUCINATION)

14. Where's your birthmark? What's your favourite children television show?
Sesame Street - Cookie Monster is my soul mate.
Doraemon - I wanted to marry Doraemon.
Scooby Doo - Scooby Doo and Shaggy are like, my best friends.

15. What are you doing this weekend?
Projects, Jap class, watching my dramas.

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
I can play the Oboe. But the one I really wanted to learn were percussion and violin.

17. Pick a fantasy world to live in.
Harry Potter like duh right.

18. Are you a creeper?
Kind of.

19. What is your dream job?
Some professional musician but obviously I'm not good enough. Probably, slack and get paid for that since I'm a professional slacker.

20. What's the last good movie you saw?
The last movie I watched was No Strings Attached. The last GOOD movie I watched was 127 hours.

night all~